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Q: What is it that makes Kalumetals thermal drying process different from its competitors?
A: Kalumetals relies on a proprietary industry-unique batch processing technique that eliminates any concern for product loss or cross contamination.  In short, our recovery is superior in that it maximizes metal accountability and value.

Q: If a material is sent to Kalumetals for processing, how do I know that it will not be subcontracted out to another facility?
Kalumetals' policy and practice dictates that a material is never sent to another facility for subcontract processing work without the express permission of the generator.  Kalumetals processes all materials that it receives in-house at the Derry, Pennsylvania facility.

Q: My Company generates a spent catalyst.  How can we be sure that we are getting the best return from our current recycler?
We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your spent catalyst and report back to you with a complete characterization including testing and analytical data.  At that time we would make a recommendation for a recycling path and provide a pricing proposal for your consideration.

Q: Is Kalumetals a waste disposal facility?
No, we do not process or accept material for the sole purpose of disposal, landfill or incineration.  Kalumetals is permitted by the State of Pennsylvania to process for beneficial re-use.  We are focused on recycling and beneficial re-use. 

If you have further questions about Kalumetals please email: info@kalumetals.com

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